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How to Reset Service Reminder Light on Your Volvo

If you have a service reminder light on your Volvo, the professionals at Kempthorn Volvo can help. We have outlined a few simple steps to reset your maintenance alert light.

Sometimes a Service Reminder may fail to reset – the vehicle or equipment still shows as “Due Soon” or even “Overdue”. This can occur for many reasons.

1. Turn the Ignition On

If your vehicle’s oil light has come on, it may be time for an oil change. If you’re unsure how often your car should be serviced, consult the owner’s manual for specific information. There are several ways to reset your maintenance indicator light.

One way to do so is to turn on your car, but don’t start the engine. Press and hold the trip button, which is usually located near the odometer. After a few seconds, the message “Inspection Due” will disappear from the odometer.

Another method is to use a scan tool. You can purchase an OBD2 scan tool online or from many hardware stores. Once you’ve found a tool, follow the instructions to connect it to your vehicle. After connecting the scan tool, follow the steps in the above article to reset your maintenance indicator. Once the light is reset, you can safely drive your vehicle. If the light remains on, contact your local Volvo dealer for further advice.

2. Press and Hold the Trip Button

The trip button is a small pushbutton located on the car’s instrument cluster near the display brightness rocker switch. It’s usually co-located with the Trip A/Trip B switch, and can be hard to find from a driving position. Pressing and holding the trip button resets odometer data, including Trip A/Trip B (mileage, fuel consumption, average speed) and total vehicle mileage.

It also resets the service reminder light if it’s activated. To do this, insert your key and turn it to the first position. Press and hold the trip computer button while turning your key to the second position. After a few seconds, an alert will appear to confirm that the service light has been reset. You can then use your normal key to exit the trip computer. Some drivers prefer to reset Trip A each time they fill up, while others like to keep it running to see if they can improve their fuel economy by changing the route they drive on to work.

3. Release the Trip Button

If you’re overdue for an oil change or other maintenance and your maintenance indicator is lit, follow these steps to reset it:

Start your car and press and hold the trip button. Wait for the service reminder message to display and then release the button. This will clear the message and turn off the service indicator light.

Alternatively, you can also use the APPS to automatically reset your oil service light. It costs a small fee (to cover server and development expenses) and you need to buy credits, but it’s a much better solution than trying to manually reset the light yourself!

Note that the APPS must have access to the Instrument Cluster in order to activate this function. It will retrieve SRI instructions and load standard value sets. In some cases, the SRI may not be reset if your vehicle has sparse meter history or a void meter entry. If this is the case, Fleetio will identify an Estimated Meter value based on the last valid meter entry and record it as a Service Entry.

4. Press and Hold the Enter Button

When the “Oil Life Reset” screen appears, press and hold the Enter Button. After a short moment, the screen will clear and return to the Service HOURS selections. This process will reset the hours for any time based service procedure (such as oil changes).

The Service Reminder is a combination of both usage and timing. The Service Task must be completed within the specified amount of time or meter usage, whichever comes first. If a void meter entry was recorded and the Due Date is not corrected or removed from the service history, then the Service Reminder will not reset.

Once the Service HOURS screen is activated, select the desired option and follow the on-screen prompts. Once the selected options are complete, turn off your machine and fully start it. This will ensure that all of the appropriate warning lights have been reset.

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