Using Birthday Reminder Services to Keep Track of Important Dates

How a Birthday Reminder Service Can Help You Keep Track of All Your Friends’ and Family Members’ Birthdays

When someone’s birthday approaches, it’s important to remember their special day. This may include buying a gift or planning a surprise party. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, a birthday reminder service can help you keep track of all your friends’ and family members’ birthdays.

hbd syncs birthdays from contacts and calendars and lets users add their own manually. It also includes fun facts like zodiac signs and age.

Google Calendar

Relying on your memory when it comes to remembering birthdays is a gamble, and Google Calendar has a feature that can help you avoid missing important events. You can use your smartphone or computer to create a reminder of any person’s birthday by navigating to Google Calendar and adding the event.

Once you have added the person’s birthday, select “Remind me about this event on [date]” and choose whether to repeat it every year. You can also set a reminder using Google Assistant.

You can add your own custom reminders to Google Calendar as well. It can be a good idea to do this because it will help you avoid forgetting about important events and contacts. It will also help you plan ahead for future events.


Facebook offers users the ability to receive timely birthday reminders for friends and family members. This is achieved through a special settings page, which can be accessed through a drop-down menu in the top right corner of the website. The options available on this page can be customized to suit individual preferences.

The social media platform also allows users to opt-in to receive email or SMS notifications before friends’ birthdays. This feature can be particularly useful for individuals with busy schedules.

Users can also import their Facebook birthdays into Google Calendar to set text message or email reminders. This can be done by accessing the events page in Facebook and selecting “Edit to add an event.” This will open a window with all upcoming and current events.

Birthday Countdown

Using a Birthday Countdown Workflow trigger in WFM, you can automatically send notifications to managers when an employee’s birthday is approaching. This workflow uses Time Delay Wait Steps to control when the message is sent, ensuring that the recipient receives it at the ideal moment.

Alternatively, you can create a custom countdown in the iOS app Birthday Reminder & Countdown, which displays all upcoming birthdays in a simple list. The app is free, but it offers a $2 in-app purchase to remove ads and sync across multiple devices.

Countdowns are an excellent way to build excitement and generate birthday wishes for your friends and family. You can even add a birthday countdown to your website to make the day special for your audience. Using age-based birthday campaigns can also enhance customer loyalty by providing personalized experiences.

To Do Reminder

Whether you need to remember someone’s birthday or want to organize your own list, To Do Reminder has the solution for you. You can use this app to create reminders, send them via text or email, and even sync them across devices. Its simple text-to-speech feature lets you set reminders within seconds, and it offers a range of customization options.

Unlike traditional calendars, To Do Reminder is a reminder service that aims to reduce the number of time-consuming errors in your life. You can also set up reminders for specific activities, such as shopping or sending emails.

The app will also help you bridge the gap between your in-office and remote team members. For example, you can set a reminder for a colleague’s birthday and invite them to a virtual celebration.

Contacts’ Birthdays

Google’s Contacts app, built into Pixel phones and available for devices made by other manufacturers, now includes a birthday calendar. In the Highlights feed, the feature displays upcoming and recent birthdays for friends and family members.

The feature also includes a list view that’s optimized for en masse date entry. A cake icon shows up next to contacts without a birthday, and tapping the field lets you enter their special day by month, day and year, or leave the year blank.

The app reads birthdays from your synchronized contacts and automatically creates them in Business Calendar. If you want to back up the data, however, you’ll have to manually export it. This can be done through the menu option in the view. You can then choose whether to add the birthdays as events or as recurring items.

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